Corporate Governance

  • Tosho Printing is taking positive action towards corporate governance, with fair and efficient business activities to satisfy all stakeholders.

Policy / Guidelines

  • Tosho Printing has guidelines as shown below to offer satisfaction to all stakeholders.

    - Tosho Printing Group action guideline
    - Internal reporting system
    - Anti-social forces elimination guideline
    - Risk management

Service Improvement Initiatives

  • Tosho Printing is taking actions in the following areas in order to achieve corporate social responsibility and improve our products and services for the customers.

    -Quality assurance
    -Information security
    -Supply chain

CSR Procurement Guideline

  • We base our CSR procurement activities on Tosho Printing Group CSR Procurement Guideline, which consist of Basic Procurement Policy and CSR Procurement Standard.

  • Basic procurement principles

  • 1, We provide fair and open transactions to all customers.
    2, We follow both international and domestic agreements and offer fair trade based on corporate ethics.
    3, We strictly manage all the information obtained from our CSR activities.
    4, We take proactive approach to reduce negative impact and preserve our environment.
    5, We pursue QCD(Quality, Cost and Delivery) to meet the market needs.
    6, We cooperate and build a trusting relationship with our business partners.
    7, We extend our CSR activities to the entire supply chain.

  • For suppliers - CSR procurement standard

  • We cooperate with our suppliers and extend our CSR activities to the entire supply chain, so that both our suppliers and Tosho can enhance its corporate values. We request all suppliers to follow CSR Procurement Standard as detailed in the link below;

    For details please refer to our CSR procurement standard. (Link destination is in Japanese)

Worker Friendly Activities

    Human capital development

  • Tosho Printing’s training of our employees emphasizes the following. To have high levels of; “Curiosity”, “Creativity”, and “Ambition” We believe that the employee talent development will grow the company and will contribute to the wellbeing of society.

  • Work-life balance improvement activities

  • We are promoting work style reform to improve employee work-life balance. We respect diversity in employees’ workstyle and lifestyle, therefore we will organize various systems to enable employees to find their ideal balance of work and family.

  • Health and productivity management activities

  • We have seen growing interest towards “Health and productivity management,” and many companies are positively promoting employee health, viewing it as critical management asset. With this social background, Tosho Printing enacted “Health productivity management declaration” in July 24th, 2017.

Environmental Activities

Tosho Printing has high priority to participate in environmental preservation activities based on our original environmental guideline.

    Environment management

  • To promote environment preservation, we formed a management system, and earned a company-wide integrated authentication for environmental management standard “ISO14001.”

  • Managing business activity environmental load

  • Tosho Printing is working on environmental preservation activities in each operational site, such as energy saving, waste reduction and recycle, harmful chemical reduction and management, and preventing environmental pollution. We understand how our business activities affect the environment as data and check our effect of preservation activities so that we can make improvements.

  • Sustainable method to procure raw materials and consideration of biodiversity

  • In our business activities, printing paper takes majority of procurement in raw materials. Thus, we prioritize the sustainable use of the forest as a source of raw material. We have obtained COC certificate in forest certification systems (FSC®️, PEFC) and make use of the certified paper to ensure biodiversity.

  • Waterless print

  • Tosho printing is a member of Japan Waterless Printing Association(JWPA), allowing us to print “butterfly logo” with our waterless offset printed items. A waterless printing is a printing method without the use of “dampening water” during the printing process, enabling the reduction of water waste including harmful chemicals.

  • Eco-friendly factory

  • - Numazu factory

    Tosho Printing Numazu factory opened in 1954 was designed by Kenzo Tange. The factory has advanced design with eco-friendly cooling system using ground water.

    - Kawagoe factory

    Kawagoe factory opened in 1999, won the “Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award” as the most environmentally superb factory in the printing industry in 2003 presented by the Japan Federation of Printing Industries. Also in 2008 the factory was awarded “Saitama environment award Eco-Up grand prize” first in the history of a printing factory. Kawagoe factory receives great evaluation both from inside and outside as an eco-friendly factory.

Social Contribution Activities

Based on our company policy, “Contribute to cultural and social development,” we are making efforts to promote social contribution through our business activities.

    Activities in the field of education

  • Tosho Printing Group has a core business of “Publishing text books” by Gakko Tosho Co., Ltd. We also run a website “Chiik” which offers information for intellectual education.

  • Support for cultural promotion activities

  • Tosho Printing Group participates in supporting activities to promote and develop printing culture and book culture.

  • Relation with local communities

  • As a good neighbor of people in the local community Tosho Group endeavors to participate in local community activities.