Message from the President

An Information Design Company
that drive New Generation
in the information industry.

Tosho Printing has contributed to the growth of the information industry since its founding in 1911 as an expert in craftsmanship leveraging printing technologies. Today, lifestyle changes driven by the rapid evolution of ICT is greatly influencing the market environment around the printing industry.
We formulated that the true form of Tosho Printing is an information design company as we explored our ideal position in the information industry facing this market environment. Our medium-term management plan lays the foundation for transformation into a company that is able to deliver added value in information to our customers via the best media approaches.
Tosho Printing is also furthering the transition of the corporate structure around the two pillars of an information design business (publication/printing/marketing fields), which evolves conventional frameworks, and an education solution business , which leverages the resources of the entire organization.
The information design business reinforces ICT product development and digital marketing sales while engaging in the development of new sales promotional solutions integrating multimedia approaches to broaden our business field.
The education solutions business responds to the diverse needs of people from children to adults conventionally represented by printed texts for schools to expand cultural and educational services regardless of whether the approach is digital or analog.
I ask for your understanding and support now and into the future as we push forward as a company that earn the trust of everyone and contribute to cultural and social development.


Kazuaki Kawada

Kazuaki Kawada

Corporate Philosophy

Each of us
as a player in this communication industry
using printing technology as our core skill
shall contribute to cultural and social development
through our highly trusted and fully appreciated management
which shall benefit all our valued customers

Corporate Creed

Customer satisfaction
Each of us
shall offer technology, quality and service with intensity and integrity
which shall bring high customer satisfaction

Fair corporate activity
Each of us
taking the protection of environment and natural resources into consideration
shall perform social responsibilities with a global point of view
which leads to fair corporate activity

Creative business activity
Each of us
shall challenge unlimited possibilities
and make all information valuable
which is the result of our creative business activity

Continual development of the company
Each of us
shall respect and maximize the potential of each other, and achieve our goals
which will enhance our corporate standing and promote continual
development of the company

Business Activities

1. Delivery of platemaking, printing and bookbinding services, related process work, and the sales of these services.
2. Planning, development, production and sales of e-publication and digital contents.
3. Planning, editing, production and sales of advertisement and audio-visual aids and lease of these products.
4. Delivering contract work of processing commercial transactions, responding to product and service inquiries, purchase order processing and related data processing through internet and other electronic media. Also planning, development and the operation of such system.
5. Planning for event and exhibition, production of display items, design, construction and display of electrical decoration, and the operation of such event and exhibition.
6. Planning and operation of academic and business seminars, and the operation of tutoring schools.
7. Publishing, translating and editing related operations.
8. Broadcasting business including contract based work and advertisement business compliant with the Telecommunications Business Law and the Broadcasting Act.
9. Planning, development, production and sales of educational document materials, tools and related electronic devices.
10. Sales and lease of printing related devices.
11. Sales and lease of electrical appliances, precision mechanical equipment, video equipment, audio equipment, telecommunication equipment and computers and their related parts.
12. Filling and packing, manufacture and sales, and import and export of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other chemical products, medical devices, processed paper, wooden products, fiber products, metal products, arts and crafts, foods, alcohol and other beverages, cigarettes, sports goods, toys, entertainment goods and household goods.
13. Obtain, transfer and receive permission of intellectual properties.
14. Sale, rent, brokerage and management of real estate.
15. Works in the field of social, medical, welfare and nursing care.
16. Collection, logistics and handling / reproduction of industrial and general waste, and the sales of reproduced items from such waste.
17. Planning and consultation for client warehousing, packing and logistic business.
18. Customs broker and freight forwarder for land, sea and air transportation.
19. Travel agency and sales of antique products.
20. Contracted research, development and consulting works related to the above businesses.
21. Other operations related to the the above businesses.

Group Companies

Information design business

Contracted printing operations of daily papers for a major newspaper companies in the Kansai area with three printing facilities, that offer large lot production and reliable quality.

Mainly operating Web marketing business and EC business. We provide marketing know-how, system construction based on an analytical and logical approach, and solutions to solve management issues.

Educational solution business

An intermediate holding company overseeing educational solution business companies to achieve the synergistic effects of the companies in culture and education field.

Publishing textbooks, materials and related books for high schools and universities. We expand businesses in various educational related services mainly in English language educational field, such as offering teaching contents and study abroad service.

Mainly providing language training services for companies. We conduct language training services by developing teaching materials and creating customized programs to meet customer's needs.

Provide services in Japan for English learning service "EnglishCentral" for non-English speaking countries, which is being deployed globally, and support the development and construction of various learning support systems based on this service.


  • 1911 March

    Established Kawaguchi printing factory, with a strong belief that printing business has a responsibility to develop the culture, grow the economy and is an important industry for the transmission of public information

  • 1946 March

    Signated from the Ministry of Finance and started to print paper money in our factory (until 1949)

  • 1947 September

    Changed the company name to Tosho Printing Company Limited

  • 1948 May

    Established Gakko Tosho Company Limited and made entry to school text book printing business

  • 1949 May

    Listed share on the Tokyo stock exchange

  • 1954 November

    Haramachi factory opened. This factory enabled one-stop production of platemaking to printing and binding (current Numazu factory)

  • 1970 March

    Signed a business collaboration contract with Toppan Printing Company Limited

  • 1982 October


  • 1993 October

    Numazu factory awarded “PM excellent business office” from Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance

  • 1999 September

    Kawagoe factory opened

  • 2001 November

    KANSAI TOSHO PRINTING CO.,LTD Kobe factory opened (as a daily newspaper printing factory)

  • 2003 May

    Kawagoe factory and Numazu factory received ISO14001 certification

  • 2003 Septembe

    Kawagoe factory received “Award of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry” as the most environmentally superior factory presented by Japan Federation of Printing Industries

  • 2004 April

    KANSAI TOSHO PRINTING CO.,LTD Kyoto factory opened (as a daily newspaper printing factory)

  • 2006 March

    Received a Privacy Mark certification

  • 2006 May

    Numazu factory received FSC-COC certification

  • 2007 May

    Joined Japan Waterless Printing Association(Butterfly Logo available)

  • 2008 March

    Kawagoe factory received “Saitama Environment Award Sai no Kuni Eco-Up Grand Prize” as an eco-friendly factory in Saitama prefecture

  • 2009 November

    New head office building completed in Kitaku Higashi-jujo

  • 2011 March

    Celebrated the 100th anniversary

  • 2011 April

    KANSAI TOSHO PRINTING CO.,LTD Ibaraki factory opened (as a daily newspaper printing factory)

  • 2011 May

    Entire company received PEFC-COC certification

  • 2017 November

    Acquired 51% of the shares of Kirihara Shoten Kabushiki-Kaisha, making it a consolidated subsidiary

  • 2018 January

    Established KG Education Holdings Company Limited as an intermediate holding company under the education solution business

  • 2018 October

    KG Education Holdings Company Limited acquired all shares of Communication Training Support Company Limited, making it a consolidated subsidiary

  • 2019 July

    Delisted(Tokyo stock exchange first section)

  • 2019 August

    Became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toppan Printing Company Limited

  • 2019 December

    KG Education Holdings Company Limited acquired partial shares of Ryugaku Information Center Inc , making it an affiliated company

  • 2020 January

    Acquired all shares of UNIWORX Co.,Ltd. making it a consolidated subsidiary